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Nordic Child Cultural Research Network

BIN-Norden is a Nordic research network based on humanistic, cultural-historical and aesthetical studies. It is a continuation of previous Nordic network and Nordic collaboration since the 70s. Originally, focus was on literature and new media for children, children's folklore and their oral expressions; now all humanistic studies based on a cultural-historic, cultural-theoretic and aesthetical approach are included.
The field of interest can be divided into three parts:

Cultural products for children - and the cultural history of childhood
Children's production of culture, cultural expression and daily life - from traditional and children's folklore and other oral and physical expression and play culture, to children's role as social and cultural actors, children's use of electronic media, and of their social, physical and institutional terms of life are included.
Cultural activities initiated by adults and projects with children.
Through BIN Norden we aim at creating network relations for exchanging and developing the competence in this field. BIN Norden is lead by a workgroup that arrange annual research seminars, publish reports and other information, also on internet. The participants in the network come from most of the important research centres/institutions in the field in the Nordic countries. The work is financially supported by the Nordic Council of Ministers.
To register and for further information on the network, arrangements, reports and associated researchers, please see our homepage

For other questions, please contact the network's e-mail at: Henrik Tarp Vang

or directly to the leader of the workgroup: Jorunn Spord Borgen